Helsinki underground

Trafo Elettro has supplied nr.12 amorphous transformers 2750kVA to the underground in Helsinki – Finland.

Main Technical Data:

Power: 2750kVA (1375+1375)
Primary voltage volt: 10000/20000 ±2×2,5%
Secondary voltage at no load volt: 635-635
Vector group: Yy0-Yd11

The development of transformers TES-ES series characterized by very low losses continues thanks to the use of amorphous cores.
These transformers are designed with a duty class VI according to EN 50329 standards for typical application of mainline railways:

Duty class





2 hours
60 seconds


3 hours
1800 seconds

The comparison between a transformer of the same characteristics designed with standard no-load losses and high efficiency no-load losses transformer shows the high improvement in the losses:

Transformer with standard no-load losses
Transformer with high efficiency no-load losses
Difference in no-load losses

– 3800W

Mr. Paolo Dalla Valle (Sales Manager):

“Since the launch of our new series TES-ES in Hannover Messe 2014 many steps forward have been made in terms of development. We did big investments on our R&D and manufacturing facilities for enlarging the range of production of this Amorphous transformers line. In this particular project our customer was looking for high efficiency transformers therefore we proposed amorphous transformers to match his requirement and was really excited to choose this solution”

Trafo Elettro proves with its know-how in amorphous transformers that this type of technology can be used for different application.

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