Oil Power Transformers 10MVA and 1MVA

Trafo Elettro has recently supplied nr. 2 oil immersed transformers 10MVA and nr. 1 oil immersed transformer 1MVA to a Polyols production plant in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
The facility is 210 Acres and it is the biggest on in Netherlands. It produces flexible and rigid polyols, flexible and rigid glycols and Polyol blends.
The transformers are designed with particulars characteristics in order to comply with plant regulation. In specific transformers are filled with special oil with high flammability point and with an special painting C5-M for aggressive environment.

Main Technical Data of 10MVA transformers:

Primary voltage volt: 25500 ±2×2,5% off load
Secondary voltage at no load volt: 10400+n
Vector group: Dny5

Main Technical Data of 1MVA transformer:

Primary voltage volt: 10400 ±2×2,5%
Secondary voltage volt: 400+n
Vector group: Dny5

Trafo Elettro has delivered the transformers in site thanks to its partner and the plant production is now active with a new line in order to get an additional production line.

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