Parque Eólico Roden

Trafo Elettro has supplied n.1 oil transformer 10000/12000kVA and n.1 cast resin transformer 50kVA to the “Parque Eólico Roden” in Spain.

The park is located near the town of Fuentes de Ebro – Zaragoza and has a capacity of 7.6 MW.

Wind energy is a clean, renewable and inexhaustible source of energy and wind farms can guarantee energy efficiency and be productive for 25 years without the need of special interventions.

Transformers supplied have the following technical characteristics:

Oil Transformer
Power: 10000/12000kVA
Primary voltage volt: 45000 ±10×1% OLTC
Secondary voltage at no load volt: 20000
Vector group: YNd11
Windings material: Cu/Cu

Cast resin Transformer
Power: 50kVA
Primary voltage volt: 20000 ±2×2,5%
Secondary voltage at no load volt: 420+n
Vector group: Dyn11
Windings material: Al/Al

With this project, Trafo Elettro is proud to support the use of renewable energy sources.

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