Photovoltaic Power Plant

Trafo Elettro has recently supplied n.40 cast resin transformers 2050kVA to the biggest solar power plant in Africa. It is located in Northern Cape Province, near Kimberly, and it counts more than 325.000 PV panels.

This 96MW photovoltaic power station generates 180GWh of clean and renewable energy that is sufficient to power more than 80.000 homes in South Africa. Also, it is expected to offset 145.891 t of carbon dioxide every year from the atmosphere.

The plant is spread over in 180ha and, apart from providing sustainable energy, also helped in job creation and is promoting economic development in the region.

Transformers have the following technical characteristics:

Power: 2050kVA
Primary voltage volt: 22000 ±2×2,5%
Secondary voltage at no load volt: 400+n
Vector group: Dyn11

Trafo Elettro is always willing to support the use of renewable energy sources, thanks to projects like this one.

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